Toscana Full Experience

An authentic Tuscan lifestyle experience awaits you at Grotta Giusti. 
Stay in the newly refurbished villa, relax in the hot spring spa 
and enjoy our selection of exclusive activities in the nearby area with Grotta Giusti Tuscan Route.
To ensure you experience the very best of Tuscany we have tracked down unmissable activities, places and sights close to our resort, to make your vacation in Tuscany a lifetime journey.

One night with half board and steam bath in the Thermal Grotto. From Euro 160,00 per person.
from 160,00 € per person
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discounts up to 30%

Take advantage of our Special Long Stay promotion with progressive discounts up to 30%, starting from the third night.
Ideally located between Florence and Lucca, an 18th-century Villa welcomes you to authentic Tuscany lifestyle. Relaxing hot spring spa and summer pools and the beauty of Tuscan countryside. Book now online!
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Christmas in Tuscany

This Christmas at Grotta Giusti we have a special little holiday planned for you. It combines the elegance of the newly refurbished 19th century villa, the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, culinary delights, relaxation at the spa, the thermal spring pools and an incredible natural thermal grotto. Find the magic of Christmas in Tuscany, celebrated in hundreds of little antique churches which are artistic and historic treasures. Treat yourselves to a Christmas at Grotta Giusti.
from 536,00 € per person
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Christmas in Tuscany for the whole family

At Grotta Giusti we make sure Christmas is a special holiday for all the family. Our secret? The allure of a 19th century villa, breath-taking gardens, delicious cuisine and a relaxing thermal spa. We’ve designed a lot of fun activities at the spa for children and teenagers, with unmissable excursions near the hotel. The magic of the holiday season shines all around you, with the Christmas Village in Montecatini, Christmas markets, nativity scenes and hundreds of centuries-old churches and their historical and artistic treasures. Give the gift of an unforgettable holiday: discover Christmas at Grotta Giusti.
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New Year's Eve in Tuscany

The new year begins in the best way at Grotta Giusti, in the heart of Tuscany. In a 19th-century villa which has been turned into a delightful hotel de charme, on Europe’s biggest natural thermal cave, we have a truly special New Year’s holiday planned for you. It brings together the beautiful Tuscan countryside, the dinner of our chef’s delicacies, the regenerating power of the thermal water, relaxation at the spa and the magical thermal cave. At Grotta Giusti, celebration, relaxation and wellness await you. It will be an unforgettable New Year.
from 1.092,00 € per person
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The Longevity Diet is an original, pioneering personalised nutrition plan. To begin with we assess the guest’s dietary habits, carry out a body type analysis and run a genetic test to identify any genetic factors influencing the metabolism. A dietary programme can then be designed to correct any negative variations and strengthen positive ones. Lymph-draining and toning treatments as well as targeted physical exercise complete the programme. Thermal waters and our thermal grotto help enhance the diet’s anti-inflammatory and detox effects and improve the end results.
from 2.290,00 € per person
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Relaxing New Year

Before the celebrations end, set aside a few days of pure relaxation and wellness for yourselves. Grotta Giusti provides the regenerating power of thermal water, spa treatments and the wonder of Europe’s biggest natural thermal cave in a uniquely charming setting. In a 19th century villa, immersed in a magnificent park in the heart of Tuscany, relive the great tradition of Italian hospitality. After the celebrations, feel at your best with relaxation and wellness.
from 501,00 € per person
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Equilibrium Programme 7 Nights

Equilibrium is a modern and original approach to health and wellness. At Grotta Giusti, with the largest natural thermal cave in Europe, Equilibrium is a week-long programme, based on four fundamental principles: relaxation techniques; a personalized microbiotic diet plan; physical exercise; and spa therapy. Equilibrium helps you return to and maintain your ideal weight, with the help of personalized diet plans.
from 2.390,00 € per person
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Truffle Tasting in Tuscany

Here in Tuscany, truffles mean tradition, culture and respect for the environment. Looking for them is an almost mystical experience that requires patience, shrouded in secrets that are handed down from father to son and not revealed to even their closest friends. We have created this special package to combine relax at the spa and tasting of this precious tuber.
from 409,00 € per person
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Techniques to develop and improve emotional intelligence
Mind Body Medicine is a week-long pathway focusing on how we manage stress and emotions.
A physician and psychologist specialising in Mind Body Medicine support each guest from the start, beginning with an assessment of their stress levels and emotional state. The programme includes daily sessions working on “self-help” techniques to develop and improve emotional intelligence. Learning and practice are accompanied by relaxation techniques.
The programme also includes stress-relieving massages, shiatsu or acupuncture, targeted physical activity and use of the thermal grotto, known for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory effects.

from 2.400,00 € per person
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Bocelli Concert in Tuscany

Bagni di Pisa and Grotta Giusti are the perfect locations for discovering Tuscany’s summer arts and entertainment events. 
So we’ve created the perfect offer for “Teatro del Silenzio”, the wonderful musical evening hosted every year by Andrea Bocelli at Lajatico in the Tuscan hills. “Teatro del Silenzio” will be staged for the fourteenth time on Thursday 25th July 2019.
In case of bad weather the concert is postponed to the following day.
Maestro Bocelli will be accompanied by a symphony orchestra, a chorus and an outstanding cast of artists from around the world.
from 637,00 € per person
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A passion for chocolate

The food of the gods, by the hands of artists
Valdinievole, where Grotta Giusti is found, is famous among certain aficionados from all over the world, and its other name says it all: “Chocolate Valley”. Here, in the space of just a few miles, there's a huge number of workshops and ateliers belonging to great artists who create the most scrumptious delights.  
To show you all this and give your taste buds an ecstatic experience, we have devised the Passion for Chocolate package: two days sampling the food of the gods with all its health benefits.
from 704,00 € per person
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The Tuscan Route

There are special journeys which stay with you forever, creating cherished memories. They take you to the most wonderful places, immersing you in landscapes, history and artistic treasures. Italian Hospitality Collection’s Tuscan Route is one such journey: a tenday tour of Tuscany at the wheel of a stunning vintage car. Brimming with character, style and sleek mechanics, it was born to travel these country roads.
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Thernal Yoga

Harmony from the warmth of the rock
Thermal Yoga is one of Grotta Giusti's special treatments, the high point of the wellness and relaxation we offer. The age-old culture of thermal waters in Tuscany and Oriental disciplines come together deep in the heart of nature, providing you with two days of totally unique experiences.
To start, you can choose the intense experience of a scuba dive in the underground lake lead by our experts, or you can let yourself go with Spa Floating in the thermal lake, in the shade and in silence, it will almost be like a return to before the time you were born.
from 664,00 € per person
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