World-class hospitality and passion.

Enjoy exceptional services at our hot springs and spa resort in Tuscany.

We are dedicated to making your stay at Grotta Giusti as memorable as possible. Our hospitality is truly world renowned, as everything we do is inspired by our passion and love for creating everlasting moments. Your experience at our spa resort in Tuscany is sure to be unique, with the beautiful harmony of nature around you, delicious gourmet recipes, an unforgettable location, wellness and relaxation options, and a range of sporting activities.

Bar Il Poeta

Enjoy a refreshing selection of healthy drinks prepared along with a wide selection of teas and infusions at Bar II Poeta. This charming quaint establishment is well known for its traditional and personalised cocktails created by our expert bartenders, along with special wine and chocolate tastings during the evenings and exciting cocktail making classes.

The Giusti Room

As the Giusti family’s tea room where they used to entertain 19th century nobility, the Giusti Room has a classic charm to it that makes it stand out from the rest of the resort. Here, you can sit back and enjoy succulent light meals, accentuated with beautiful live piano melodies in the background, surrounded by frescoes and original antique decorations.

The Age-old Park

The park of Grotta Giusti is a natural wonder that exudes charm, creating blissful moments of tranquillity and harmony. Explore a world of lush greenery with fragrant flowers that naturally fades out into the rolling hills that make up the beautiful backdrop.

Bioaquam Café

Our poolside lounge area invites you to chill in a modern and comfortable environment. The Bioaquam Café is the perfect place to relax between baths and enjoy a quick lunch, snack, meal or a range of teas and infusions. You can also indulge in Francesco Iglio’s cocktails in specially organised cocktail parties at the spacious solarium, or simply enjoy refreshing dip under the stars in the pool.


At the L'Oasi restaurant, we offer outstanding culinary options that can be enjoyed outdoors on our breezy terrace, as you look over the stunning views of the park and the summer pool. Relax, unwind, indulge in fantastic food and have an unforgettable time.

La Veranda Restaurant

Discover the reasons that make Tuscan cuisine so incredibly popular at the La Veranda Restaurant. Enjoy a range of tasty gourmet and light recipes in the surrounds of the beautiful centuries old garden. During the summer, you can choose to have lunch on the La Pergola Terrace or even the poolside.

Summer Oasis Pool

Cool off during the summer in our freshwater summer pool and enjoy a light healthy lunch on the deck. Out here, you’ll experience moments of pure poetry, relaxation and bliss in the natural surrounds of the beautiful gardens with their fragrant flowers and lush greenery. This summer, we invite you to refresh your mind, body and soul at our Grotta Giusti spa resort in Tuscany.

Fitness Centre

At our Fitness Centre in the Grotta Giusti spa resort in Tuscany, we offer a range of traditional fitness equipment, as well as special 50 minute sessions with our personal trainer, personal 40 minute classes with a fitness instructor, and 50 minute lessons in Qi-Gong, which is a practice that combines controlled breathing techniques with movement.
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