A corporate retreat in the lap of nature.

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At Grotta Giusti, we offer a range of fun and exciting activities aimed at enhancing your team’s morale and motivation. Take your employees out to the perfect retreat and help them build stronger relationships that can translate into more productive performances. Our services and offerings are sure to give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Grand prix team: go-karting

Discover a taste for pursuit and all the thrills and adrenaline of racing round a real go-kart track. Experience test drives, qualifications and races like a real Gran Prix, or choose a 10-minute driving session. An intense, exciting activity which brings out the best of everyone every fraction of a second.

Master of cocktails

Compete to master the art of the cocktail with an outstanding guide. Francesco Iglio, World Champion Cocktail Barman at the 2008 John White Course in Singapore, will be leading the challengers in teams. A unique chance to discover the utensils and techniques which go into making cocktails and take part in a fun but hard-fought competition.

Murder parties

Test your powers of deduction and acting abilities as you take part in a role-playing game. Our expert guides will take you to the scene of the crime and endless thrilling situations. You’ll need all your wits, problem-solving skills and team spirit to solve the mysteries and overcome the obstacles.

Natural thermal grotto

Head underground into a natural space carved out and transformed by water into a magnificent setting. The very essence of a thermal spa, shaped by nature. The thermal water and steam create different temperatures in each area: move from Heaven to Purgatory and on to Hell, in a thermal steam bath which relaxes and purifies. A unique, timeless and unforgettable experience.

Programs and Activities

We offer a range of exciting outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding excursions, paragliding lessons, golf tournaments, exclusive Hardiness survey® sessions to improve your stress management skills, group Qi-Gong to coordinate breathing and movement, and BrainFitness sessions to help overcome personal and work obstacles.

Spa floating

Rediscover the feeling of floating towards total relaxation in the absolute quiet of a warm, welcoming underground lake. With our experts to guide you, you’ll experience yoga-inspired relaxation techniques and float on the surface of the underground waters, giving you a profound sense of wellbeing amid the thermal steam.

Vintage car tour

Experience the thrill, style and ‘vroom-vroom’ of driving a stunning vintage car around Tuscany. Test yourself on straights and bends at the wheel of one of the wonderful cars which have shaped the history of mechanics, design and culture.

Visit to an olive oil mill

Discover the world of olive groves and olive mills, the home of real extra-virgin Tuscan olive oil, in beautiful Valdinievole. Under the expert guidance of the enthusiasts who nurture this culinary treasure every day, you’ll see every stage in the pressing process and taste the precious end products.

Wine tasting

Discover the fascinating world of Tuscan wines with a guided wine tasting, a great chance to practise some teamwork. Our expert guides will lead you step-by-step as you learn about each wine’s characteristics, from the initial bouquet to the persistent notes. You’ll use your sight, smell and taste to sample some of Tuscany’s most distinctive, traditional wines.
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