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Energetic techniques and Fitness

Gym and cardiofitness*
Free access to the gym (excluding class).

Euro 15,-

Gymnastics with personal trainer. Duration 50'

Euro 72,-

Fitness class with trainer*. Duration 40'

Euro 20,-

Pilates* Duration 40'

Improves harmony in gestures and coordination, tones muscles and prevents pain due to incorrect posture.

Euro 25,-

Raggi Method with PancaFit with personal trainer*. Duration 50'

A method based on active and passive global muscular decompensation stretching. Lengthens contracted muscles, frees articulations and diaphragm, improves breathing and reactivates circulation. Recommended for vertebral pathologies.
Euro 70,-

Posture techniques with a personal trainer*. Duration 50'

Muscle elongation and diaphragm breathing techniques to reset structural balance and joint flexibility.  

Euro 70,-

Qi-gong*. Duration 50' 

A practice combining breathing and movement techniques that help you to stay in good physical, respiratory and mental shape.

Euro 30,-

* This treatment can be bought in package form.
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