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Aesthetic face treatments

After years of continuous research and progressive evolution, Fonteverde has now reached the highest level of its extensive experience in applied cosmetics and aesthetics. Fonteverde's brand new cosmetics line ETERIA (Radiance for a young skin and Divine for an adult one) is the result of a series of unique formulations: vegetale stem cells of grapes, hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen and vitamins are just a few of the ingredients making up the rich applications that give the skin functional benefits as well as delaying the ageing process in people of all ages.

Aesthetic face treatments

Face    GOLD - duration 80'   

Toning, anti-ageing treatment. The combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen, the exclusive ‘gold thermae’ mask and radiofrequency makes the skin firm and elastic.

Euro 162,-

Regenerating facial   - duration 50' 

A brightening and regenerating treatment thanks to the application of the exclusive “Revealing Mask”. The synergic union of mandelic acid and bacillus enzymes stimulates cell renewal and gives the skin a radiant, glowing appearance.

Euro 102,-

Anti-stress face treatment . Duration 50' 

A relaxing treatment carried out using harmonic and fluid movements that gently pamper you, leaving the face relaxed and bright. 

Euro 76,- 

Anti-ageing Dhea treatment. Duration 50'  

A regenerating treatment based on diosgenin, a precursor phytohormone of DHEA that is able to activate youth mechanisms.

Euro 110,- 

Fruit acid face peel. Duration 50' 

Exclusive peel with a smoothing and regenerating effect thanks to the combination of fruit acids and exclusive thermal products.
Euro 106,-

Aesthetic microdermolift. Duration 80' 

Cleansing and regenerating treatment where an exclusive device is used to smooth the skin and remove superficial dead cells thus stimulating new collagen.
Euro 143,-

Antioxidant and toning treatmen with Vit C. Duration 80'   

Toning and anti-oxidant treatment with pure stabilised vitamin C, thermal mud and diathermy.
Euro 122,-

Moisturizing treatmen with thermal oligo-components. Duration 50'  

Moisturizing treatment with exclusive thermal oligo-components and vitamins, suitable for all skin types.


Euro 82,-

Brghtening treatment with clay. Duration 50' 

Cleansing treatment with thermal mud and plant extracts which give the skin immediate radiance.

Euro 82,-

Personalised thermal mud maskDuration 25'  

Application of thermal mud mask according to skin type (hydrating with oligo components, nourishing with thermal spring water).
Euro 46,-

Treatment for the eye contour. Duration 25'  

Innovative anti-ageing, draining and soothing treatment. Suitable for puffy and tired eyes and to combat signs of ageing.

Euro 60,-

Electroporation. Duration 25'  

A technique that allows active substances to penetrate the derma (Vitamin C or fractions of hyaluronic acid) in an effective way. No needles are used.

Euro 80,-

Antiageing Microdermolift. Duration 80' 

This treatment combines the exfoliating and bio-stimulating effects of microdermoabrasion to the properties of chemical peel (glicolic, mandelic, salicilic acid) or to the lightening and anti-oxidant properties of pure vitamin C.

Euro 240,-

Klamath Blue-Green Algae with electroporation. Duration 50'  New 

The protein-rich blue green algae, whose benefits have been long known, along with hyaluronic acid properties, nourish and replenish the skin. Electroporation allows perfect penetration of the substances without needles, for an immediately visible and long-lasting effect.

Euro 95,-

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