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Oriental Disciplines

Pinda Sweda. Duration 80'*

Therapeutical heat application with herbal preparations. Improves circulation, eliminates toxins from tissues and articulations. Effective for rheumatism and water retention.

Euro 130,-

Ayurvedic massage. Duration 50'*

Technique of indian origin which relaxes muscular tension. Improves respiration and balances the whole body.

Euro 90,-

Shirodhara. Duration 50' 

A special technique whereby medicinal oils are applied on head. The treatment revitalises the mind, cures insomnia, tiredness and stress, and promotes meditation.

Euro 100,-

Shiatsu. Duration 50'*

Therapeutic oriental technique of digital pressure. Shiatsu is directed towards certain points of the body to stimulate and unblock the meridians, the pathways through whichenergy flows. Re-establishes correct psycophysical and energetic balance.

Euro 90,-

Tui-na Chinese traditional massage with Zu reflexology. Durata 80'* 

Ancient chinese massage which exerts its action on the body energy lines re-balancing organ functionality. Stimulates and strengthens the nervous and immune system, improves articulation and gives energy to the whole body.

Euro 110,-

* This treatment can be bought also in package form.


Our exclusive aesthetic ayurveda treatments stem from a millennial Indian medical tradition and today represent the perfect union between bio-natural beauty treatments and massage techniques which can treat the problem in a functional and not just cosmetic manner.

N.A.O. massage. Duration 50' 

The precious blends of indian plants enclosed in pinda (hot bags made of the softest cotton) release their scents and active principals onto our body. The treatment acts not only on our body but also on our spirit and thoughts, giving us a deep sense of peace.

Euro 102,-

Ubtan peeling - body/face treatment. Duration 50' 

Precious powders extracted from ayurvedic plants enriched by aromatic waters are massaged onto our body. The peeling effect favours regenerating processes of the tissue, leaving the skin smooth and velvety.

Euro 82,-

Garshan - body/face treatment. Duration 50' 

An ancient massage carried out using exclusive “ahimsa”, raw silk gloves, to activate lymphatic circulation.

Euro 92,-

Rupabyangam - body/face treatment. Duration 50'

This is the massage of beauty and grace. The treatment includes a physiological cleansing apable of reconstructing the hydrolipidic film of our skin whilst deeply hydrating it, leaving it soft and luminous.

Euro 92,-

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