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Thermal medical check-up.

General medical consultation with our doctor-tutor for personalised treatment

Euro 50,- 

Oxidative stress evaluation 
A tiny blood sample helps the doctor to assess free radicals present and to evaluate biological age in relation to the actual age.

Euro 50,- 

Bio-structural posture consultation
Consultation with specific tests to evaluate the bio-energetic and psycho-structural conditions of the subject with advice on prevention.

Euro 140,- 

Basic skin check-up
Ultra modern equipment measures the level of acidity, pH, sebum and hydration.

Euro 50,- 

Specialist consultations 


Bioelectrical impedence analysis with Tanita®            
Measure your body's composition with this precise scale. Water and total body weight measurements determine the accurate calculation of body fat, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate and other parameters.

                      Euro 40,-

Lifestyle monitoring with Sense Wear Armband®       for 7 days 
This is a wearable diagnostic instrument with which our lifestyle, level of activity, energy expenditure and sleeping habits can be monitored. Everything is monitored regularly by means of objective and real quantificaiton. It is gives us a true picture of how we are living and how we can possibly change our life style so as to live better and in a healthier way.

                  Euro 140,-

Dermatologic consultation

Euro 110,- 

Ergonomic and postural consultation
Evaluation of the skeletal apparatus (muscles and joints). Ergonomic postura indications.
Consultation with first treatment.

Euro 140,- 

Osteopathic techniques
Following sessions.

Euro 80,- 


Food allergy test
(Screen IgC ELISA)
Analysis to identify possible food allergies.

Test on 90 food elements

Euro 150,00

Dietologic Consultation - duration 50'
This involves an assessment of the client's nutritional state by looking at food history and by analysing body composition to deliver a personalised food regime. Includes the first dietetic check up.

                Euro 140,-

Dietetic check up 20'

Euro 30,-

Emotional -Cognitive Programme            
These days it is possible to check our psycho-physical and emotional stress level, which can negatively influence our everyday lives, both in terms of work and studying, and we can even train our mental skills (memory, attention, concentration, visualization, calculation and association) in order to prevent and control negative actions that unmanaged tension and emotions can cause.

Evaluation of psycho-physical and emotional stress 50'
Cognitive training session (Brainfitness) 50'

Euro 120,-
Euro 80,-

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